Feel like you're right back in the studio with our live classes!
Chat in the comments section, join the instructor in real time, and tune in with thousands of other Fivers dancing it out around the globe. Live workouts keep things fresh and help keep you accountable! 


Build strength and muscular endurance in arms, abs, glutes, core, and full-body workouts. Add on to a cardio class, or take as stand-alone exercises!

No-nonsense, hyper-effective HIIT classes that'll push you to your limits. Drive next-level intensity in manageable bursts of just 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

It's not a dance class, it's a dance party! Time flies when you're shaking and sweating to our curated DJ mixes with world-class instructors guiding you.

Choose from pre- or post-class mobility to get the most out of your workout, recovery for aches and soreness, or deep stretches to release tension in your body and mind.

Abbey B.

Laura S.

Vanessa M.

"The most lit, shame-free, full blown party workout you can find. The best instructors!"

"The MOST fun you've ever had working out. Every class is a dance party with a live DJ!"

"Shame-free, no judgment, full blown DIVA TWERK UP!"


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